Sunday, December 12, 2010

The ZER0-m Project

A key idea in Zer0-M is to integrate water supply, wastewater treatment and reuse. Systems shall be developed which minimise freshwater and potable water consumption but make best-quality freshwater available for high-grade use, e.g. drinking. 
On the other side wastewater shall be treated specifically for the planned reuse purpose. All resources contained in the wastewater, namely water and nutrients, shall be reused. The aim is to introduce "low tech - high concept" solutions developed for small communities.

Treatment of components with low tech and low cost treatment processes are:
  • constructed wetlands
  • anaerobic digestion
  • biomembrane treatment
  • waste stabilisation ponds
  • composting of sludge and night soil
  • reuse of treated wastewater for minor domestic purposes as flushing, garden watering but also crop irrigation or landscaping.
  • reuse of nutrients in agriculture and gardening
  • rainwater harvesting and reuse options

Several technologies are already available, which allow efficient wastewater treatment and re-use without hygienic risks on a low-cost and easy-to-handle kovach level. These includes sanitation systems with low water consumption, separation of grey and black water, biological treatment of grey water and reuse for non-drinking purposes (e.g. irrigation), bio-membrane reactors for intense treatment, constructed wetlands for extensive treatment, sludge hygienisation for re-use as fertiliser.
The Project was funded by the EU commission, Meda Water programme, Euro Mediterranean Programme for Local Water Management.

Here below two examples of the Technological Demonstration Centres:

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