Saturday, June 28, 2014

The project in Iraq is going on....

Hello to All of our friends in Iraq,

We are with you always and very worried for your safety. We are still working for your beautiful country to keep it green and the water healthy.  We continue to design the Eden in Iraq Wastewater Garden at Al Manar. This will be a 20,000 sq meter public site -on the way to the Mesopotamia Marshes National Park- where you can rest and enjoy your time.  Here are our first drawings for the wastewater garden at the Al Manar water treatment plant. We will have more realistic drawings soon.

But we wanted you to have something NOW to dream about for the future. So imagine a large area with plants, flowers,  trees, tiles, and reed  structures  that is actually cleaning the water before it goes into the Euphrates,
It will be a place to help recover from all of the strife.  
 In the face of war, environmental work has to continue for the health of all .               
In the midst of conflict, nature and beauty will help to heal.

The Eden in Iraq WWG Design Team abroad:
Meridel, Mark, Davide
and Pee

r, Clarence, and Yangheng

Friday, June 27, 2014

Philadelphia with a new Public Spaces on the Waterfront...It is floating!!!

reblogged from the Philadelphia web site and I want to share with you this beautiful project:

The Delaware River Waterfront Corporation (DRWC), which is giving a shot of adrenaline to Philadelphia’s underused waterfront, is planning several new public spaces to draw people to the water and spur investment. You may have already heard about Spruce Street Harbor Park, a pop-up opening Friday, that’ll have floating barges and gardens, fountains, a boardwalk, a “mist garden,” lots of neat lighting, and a floating restaurant by Jose Garces. A large team of the region’s top designers and architects worked together on the project, including Groundswell Design Group, Interface Studios, and Digsau, as well as The Heads of State (for branding).
The park's centerpiece will be the “oasis,” three 80’ x 30’ barges with trees and plantings, repurposed cargo containers with the restaurant, and a cantilevered net lounge where visitors can hang 3-4 feet above the water in hammocks. There’ll be colorful bistro tables and chairs, picnic tables, and Amish-made Adirondack chairs. The trees will be illuminated with colored lighting synced with that of the rest of the park. Nearby, seven “floating islands” surrounded by lily pads will house a water garden.

and rebloggged from another overview of the project. 

An Outdoor Paradise In Philly:

This project was with the help of an ArtPlace American grant and developed in conjunction with David Fierabend of Groundswell Design Group and Interface Studios and Digsau. Through landscaping, programming, and art installations influenced by the maritime history of the area, the park will showcase the River’s industrial past and the bright future ahead for Philadelphia’s waterfront.
(PS the pictures are copied from the linked web sites)

algae living flow in Swiss.

Hi friends, as you  probably know I like very much algae systems. Here I show you a beautiful realization done at the Zahw in Swiss. (more reference about this project wil lbe posted in the next days).

Enjoy this video!!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

more on aquaponic

under the umbrella of the AQUA-VET (LLP UE project) I have also made a great video about my installation in a school here in North of Italy. take a look at this video!

here the set of logos of the project! and the official web site aqua-vet

I'm back!

Hello my dear readers.
I'm really sorry for this long silence on this blog. In the last six months I have been working on a master's degree and are now close to the end. Also my blogspot account was blocked from the site of the University who runs in the google web platform. Anyway I'm here again and ready to continue the publications about treatment wetlands.

In this period I made a survey in Swiss where I'm doing a project within OIKOS 2000, a good Swiss Company. Here we are designing the right way to reduce the pollution input in a beautiful 30 ha lake int he south-east side of Swiss. ( will prepare a post about this..)

 I went in Gaza for the UN project. Here was laid the first stone of the Kuwait School and planted the first tree!!! 
source "sole24ore"

In Iraq we are doing the final design and working hard to set up the financial budget. More at Meridel Web Site ,  the web site of the Project head with a lot of pictures and schemes.