Saturday, June 28, 2014

The project in Iraq is going on....

Hello to All of our friends in Iraq,

We are with you always and very worried for your safety. We are still working for your beautiful country to keep it green and the water healthy.  We continue to design the Eden in Iraq Wastewater Garden at Al Manar. This will be a 20,000 sq meter public site -on the way to the Mesopotamia Marshes National Park- where you can rest and enjoy your time.  Here are our first drawings for the wastewater garden at the Al Manar water treatment plant. We will have more realistic drawings soon.

But we wanted you to have something NOW to dream about for the future. So imagine a large area with plants, flowers,  trees, tiles, and reed  structures  that is actually cleaning the water before it goes into the Euphrates,
It will be a place to help recover from all of the strife.  
 In the face of war, environmental work has to continue for the health of all .               
In the midst of conflict, nature and beauty will help to heal.

The Eden in Iraq WWG Design Team abroad:
Meridel, Mark, Davide
and Pee

r, Clarence, and Yangheng

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