Monday, November 25, 2013

ready for the step TWO

yes, everythings seem to go in the right way here in Amman. We have to do some arrangements to the project but after that we are ready for the step TWO: the executive drawing!

2000 students are waiting the new great sustainable green school for their gold future in Gaza Strip! Project made by a team under the umbrella of MCA :

The project is so great because I'm designing two treatment wetlands: one for greywaters and his reuse for washing WC and cleaning the floor, and one for the black water that is used, after treatment, for the irrigation of the school's garden and plants.
By this meeting here in Amman I have a new personal slogan: "I did not spread more shit in the environment". This will help me in my new professional works.

Monday, November 18, 2013

back to Amman for the United Nations project !

yes, I'm really proud to be part of the international team that are developint the first UN green school. Very soon we will be in Jordan to coordinate the final step to develope the executive project fot the final realization of this important project inside the Gaza Strip. Here I'm developing a treatment wetlands systems for grey and black waters with a reuse for gardening purposes.

more news very soon.

Roman past in Amman

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

DIRT.ASLA BLOG show good news on treatment wetlands

I am very appreciative to receive weekly newsletters of the DIRT ASLA blog (web at: ). From their site I copy this to explain you what they do: The Dirt TM blog covers the latest news on the built and natural environments and features stories on landscape architecture. Published weekly, The Dirt explores design and policy developments related to land and water use, urbanization, transportation, and climate change.

In their last newsletter they wrote about three books on designing resilient cities. One of these , the Hidden Potential of Sustainable Neighborhoods, (amazon link) show in the cover page a beautiful image of a smart city with green walls, green roofs, green railroads, green sidewalks, and also a green structure that we can recognize as a treatment wetlands system. If you read the DIRT summary you can see that  each of the examples in the book are actually built. 

the cover page

detail of the treatment wetland
The treatment wetland that is present in the cover page and that is explained in the book is the "Living Machine" (TM) technology. this is a really interesting system developed in USA. 
Take a look on what they have done in San Francisco. sooooo coooooollllllll.