Thursday, October 8, 2009

treatment wetland and big city

YES...WE CAN also set up a treatment wetland system for a big city wastewater volume. This is just been done like in Beja (Portugal) or in Jesi (Italy). Here the wetland is the secondary or tertiary treatment step (after activated sludge or lagoon). In Beja are treated the waters of 30.000 person and the treated water are used for watering the golf fields...

here below an useful image (by GianVIN) that show also the light impact of the systems...

the UNEP environmentally sound technologies for Caribbean Islands

As highlighted in the 1994 Barbados Programme of Action, waste management is a major concern for small island developing States.

UNEP with Caribbean Environmental Health Institute write the Environmentally sound technologies for integrated management of solid, liquid and hazardous waste for SIDS in the Caribbean Region.

Many technologies have been used in the Caribbean but, for many reasons have failed including: inappropriate tecn., insufficient operation practices, lack of funding and lack of personnel to manage the treatment plant. One of the best tecnologies listed in the UNEP publication and able to manage the Caribbean wastewaters is constructed wetland. In the UNEP document is also write ... " Increasingly being recommended ". see page 108 of the document at the following link:

Sunday, October 4, 2009

here again some different treatment wetland

1) wetland for two person ( build in North of Italy

2) my floating wetland in Brescia (this is my first patent in the treatment wetland field)

(first stage grow of iris in tech-ia system)

(grow of phragmites in the tech-ia system)

(grow of typha in the tech-ia system, plants are 2,2 m high)

(first application of floating wetland in Oasi di Cervara in North of Italy)

3) moon wetland in Algeria by WASTEWATERGARDENS.COM