Wednesday, December 19, 2012

wastewater treatment with algae...

I love the algae world and a lot of things can be done with these spectacular mico-organisms. Pharmaceutical, proteins, cosmetic... and also wastewater treatment.. yes, algae live with nitrogen and phosphorus that are common pollutants.

Copied from the web site I can summarize the following text:
" Algae are an important bioremediation agent, and are already being used by many wastewater facilities. The role that algae can play in wastewater remediation is however much higher than its current role.
Use of algae as the bioremediation agent enables us to solve two key problems: increased use of chemicals and high energy costs. Thus, algae-based waste water treatment is a powerful avenue for sustainable wastewater treatment.
Algae-based remediation of wastewater is not without its challenges; however, the potential is so high and the problem so critical that there are a number of research efforts - both in the academia and in the commercial sector - ongoing in order to address these challenges."
A good report can be dwnld or buyed in the web site..

Another good reading with a literature review is  as pdf document named "WasteWater treatment With microalgae – a literature review" written by Karin Larsdotter (School of Biotechnology,  Stockholm)


AguaVert said...

Flocculation is another factor in water treatment process. After rapid mixing, the water flows into flocculation basins, where the flow of water is slowed and the floc has time to grow bigger. thanks~ Miller

Dave Toc PhD said...

Thank you Robin! Yes it is true, floculation works very well. I take a look to your blog: very beautiful and interesting pictures!! I think I willdo a direct link from my blog to your post: I found it very interesting ! may I?

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Dave Toc PhD said...

yes, sure! You have a great web site, have you make a lot of systems in India? Is it a good market to clean wastewaters? I know and design treatment wetlands also for treat the liquid after biogas production. This could be a great deal in India!

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