Friday, October 21, 2016

a good project in Australia (reposted from another blog)

Here below the link to a good home made project about treatment wetland done in Australia in a off-grid house.
As Morag says.. it is simple and it is cheap. She built it for less than 500$.

Here the link:

Pictures taken in the Morag Blog

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Let's party !!!

Thank you friends and followers!

50000 visits is a success for me and for this green technology.

Me and my high school students enjoy this target!!!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Rhea International Team

Last Spring I closed my experience with an Italian start up. Now is Fall and I start something new.
Rhea International Team

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Web site coming soon at ..... very soon..... I think in the next three days.

Here we are:

me                        Andrea
Mauro                        Giacomo

What we do? 
We are working to green the world!

Who we are?
We are three riders and one horseman (me) and join together our professional worldwide experience in the fields of drone, treatment wetlands, water, international cooperation, and so on.

welcome back... a short report from Ecuador

Hello friends... here I am back.
Three sons and a positive summer time keep me off of this blog... I hope you are all ok!

Last September I was in Ecuador to visit some of the plants that I have built with my friend and partner Andrea and to meet a lot of interesting persons. Thanks to them we are now designing a lot of new treatment wetlands for municipality, pig farms and cheese factories.
Here below some pictures of the system I have projected last year and realized by Andrea Zorzi. It is planted with vetiver... the miracle plants!

sedimentation tanks with filter

the past sedimentation pond directly connected with the final stream

Andrea and vetiver

the vetiver root

the final pond

"we are working for you...... "