Friday, April 8, 2011

EPA publications list

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) also works on wetland systems. This link drive you to the EPA wetlands programs where you can find a lot of information on the  "wetland's world", from natural to treatment weltand, from why they are valuable to how EPA protect them..

Here below the links to the complete publications list


a) the useful Manual of CW treatment of municipal wastewaters:
b) and the link to the North American Database (NADBVersion2):

2) another link to publications:
This list include general information as " HANDBOOK OF CONSTRUCTED WETLANDS FOR AGRICULTURE, DOMESTIC, COAL MINES ETC" and other following useful texts.

Monday, April 4, 2011

your TWs into the home. Yes it is possible!

Here another good reading about TWs, taken from and writen by Jessica Dailey.

"When you think of a wastewater treatment plant, you probable picture a vast, unsightly pool surrounded by a concrete facility. You probably do not picture a serene wetland in the lobby of an office building, but that’s exactly how sewage will be treated in the new building of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. Design by Worrell Water Technologies, the constructed wetland, called Living Machine, will clean the building’s wastewater to make it suitable for reused in toilets, irrigation, and maintenance.
A Living Machine ( and system mimics a tidal wetland, one of nature’s most productive ecosystems.

The constructed wetland is just one of many green technologies that the San Franscisco Public Utilities Commission will be implementing in its new 13-story building. The structure will also generate its own energy through solar panels and wind turbines."

I can add that also wastewatergardens ( build functionally and beautiful TWS in Indonesia and this is not a design.. this is real. FANTASTIC!

(Ph. F. Cattin