Sunday, December 12, 2010


New York Sun Works designed and built ‘The Science Barge’ on the Manhattan waterfront in 2006, and operated the facility for three years. The Science Barge was the first demonstration of high yield, commercial grade urban food production with near zero net carbon emissions. Off-grid and off-pipe, the hydroponic greenhouse on The Science Barge was powered by wind and solar, heated with vegetable oil, and irrigated by rainwater. The barge has been featured by National Geographic, Science, Dan Rather Reports, ABCWorld News, Le Monde, Urban Land, Sustain, and Good, among dozens of other national and international media. The Science Barge is currently operated by a local organization in Yonkers, NY. (SOURCE : ).

Well, is obviously that in a project like this.... THERE IS A TREATMENT WETLAND! look at the photos below:

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