Friday, September 19, 2014

electrons and wastewater treatment!

This early morning I have listen a radio program here in Italy. The topic was "wastewater treatment with bacteria and electrons". Great!!! I thought, one more idea on wastewater treatment different than the traditional systems.
Here the link to the podcast:
radio link ( just in Italian) to RADIO 24 ILSOLE24ORE

I was also interviewed in the same radio few years ago. 

Well, I promptly contacted the prof. that following this project, which has kindly responded.I have also know that he is a wetland's friend!!!

"Aquaelectra is a project funded through the programme  INNPACTO from the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation.
This collaborative project has three objectives: to develop a natural system of sewage treatment using wetlands, to establish a bioelectric anaerobic treatment system for wastewater and to build a bioelectrogenic removal system of nutrients (nitrogen).
Bioelectrogenesis is a novel process by which certain bacteria can oxidize organic matter and transfer electrons generated directly to a solid surface conductive, for example, graphite so we can obtain and store clean energy.
Members  of Aquaelectra are IMDEA-Water Institute (Bioelectrogenesis group),  CENTA Foundation (Centre for New Water Technologies) and wastewater and water treatment companies JOCA, DAM  and Euroestudios, responsible for coordinating the projec."
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