Friday, September 12, 2014

Ecuador, a consulting for a friend!

"Hi prof, Luca here. I'm in Ecuador and need your experience to design a treatment wetlands for the discharge of  400 pigs. Actually they send pig slurry and wastewater into the river".

These are the first words wrote by Luca, a student of mine few years ago, which is actually in Ecuador for his university training.

The situation is common as in a lot of other places in the world. There is a discharge that is used to be sent into the nearest river. This is done because is the easiest way to be done. But not the right.
But thanks to some enlightened minds a good choice is done: treat it before the discharge.

I copy here few pictures of the situation sent by Luca:

He have had also the great idea to make a sketch.... but in situation like this it have to be consider the executive design:

Great job! thanks to share with me this experience!
Keep in touch to see the construction!

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