Friday, February 22, 2013

WATER USE EFFICIENCY and FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations)

from FAO profile on facebook I copy this important article and also my comment. Yes, is important ot improve the water use ecciciency but is also important to start to reuse the treated wastewater. Treatment wetlands are a good way to treat wastewater and and give back H2O moleculae that could be reused for different purposes!

"The continuing population growth could double food demand in the next 50 years. Find out how better use of water could allow us to produce more food while preserving natural resources:"

and this is my comment:

"Davide Tocchetto: yes, is true, save water with improve efficiency but there is a large amount of water that can be reused, there are purification systems which allow to produce water that can be reused for different uses. One of this is treatment wetlands, a natural way to treat wastewater and get back clean water ... read more on A city with 100000 habitants produce 20000 mc a day of wastewater; this volume can generate 15000 mc/d of treated water that can be used for agriculture, irrigation, industrial processes. let's start to think also about the reuse!"