Tuesday, February 26, 2013

opinions on treatment wetlands

Since 1996 I work in the field of treatment wetlands and I've heard of all colors (this is an italian way of saying to express  the fact that I have heard many speeches about TWs).

  • I'm sure that the wetland's cells doesn't smell,
  • I'm sure that the wetland's cells doesn't host wild animals that kill you
  • I'm sure that mosquitos cannot live there
  • You can walk on a vertical and horizontal beds; for the surface beds you need special boots or wearing the beautiful Hawaianas summer shoes
  • The wetland system last more than 20 years if you manage them well
  • They cost less than a traditional system (a little bit less but you have not the expensive management cost of the traditional systems)
  • Floating wetlands are a good way to treat on site the wastewaters
  • You can use local materials to build up the systems
  • You can use local species to plant the beds
  • Yes, it is true that the wetland needs land where build the beds.... but it is always better than a industrial area...

any other questions or opinions? help me to improve this list...

"greetings from Hamman-Jordan"

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