Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sustainable architecture in action: constructed wetland in the Gaza Strip

bouncing from site Building Green Futures an update of the TW in Gaza Strip to whom I have collaborated:

early 2012

early 2013

"These images show the growth over a 12-month span of the constructed wetland engineered by Mauro Lajo (Artecambiente) in the Kindergarden of Um Al Nasser (North part of Gaza Strip), an eco-friendly school built in 2011 by ARCO’, Mario Cucinella and the NGO Vento di Terra.

The Garden uses green plants and associated microorganisms for degradation, removal and/or reduction in the concentration of pollutants in the school’s grey waters that can thus be reused for toilet flushing and gardening. Underneath the garden lies a tank for the harvesting of rainwater. "

Building Green Futures has been following from very close the progress in the design and construction of this building, a great example of low-tech/high performance sustainable design bringing lasting benefits to people in need.

Building Green Futures (BGF) is a not-for-profit organization created by Mario Cucinella Architects to promote sustainable development through green architecture and urban regeneration. With Building Green Futures, the quality of the design work produced by MCA and its partners contributes to initiatives for social good

Using BGF as a vehicle, the resources and the experience of MCA contribute to philanthropic causes such as:

1) “Design & Build” projects in support of development programmes and humanitarian interventions;

2) Knowledge Transfer & Science Communications for dissemination of best practices on sustainable architecture and green technologies.

3) Applied Research for social innovation

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