Tuesday, January 29, 2013

my future on treatment wetland systems

For several years we are developing a product that will bring an extraordinary novelty in the field of wastewater treatment and its application on a large scale. As usual, the idea is good, the industry requires, its competitors are there but our product is better, blah blah blah.
The product is based on our experience in the field of treatment wetland  and have developed a good project idea to make this system with high aesthetic value, which is applicable in many realities, both Italian and foreign, and of course with sustainable positive impact.
To continue this adventure we  search designers who want to try to produce the true aesthetic and functional innovations in the coming years (Bill Gates is investing with his Foundation a lot of dollars in sustainable sanitation); seek investors who want to invest in the water sector and of water sanitation and health care to produce wealth and good for the environment and human beings.
We do not give the indifference of native capitalists we met in the last months........ Soon we will find an open door.

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