Thursday, August 11, 2011

Interesting news from South of Italy

NEWS # 1
Sellia Marina (Calabria - Italy), citizens petition to the mayor for adopting the tretment wetland system.

Brief translation:
that the Mayor of Sellia Marina (CZ) and the Councillor with responsibility forenvironment  intervene promptly, before the next summer and to introduce, among topics of the agenda an upcoming City Council, the discussion of this petition by adopting the necessary measures to give mandate to the office provide technical, downstream of the existing water treatment plants, constructed wetlands systems suitable to reduce the load of pollutants during the summer, the traditional treatment system  can not be disposed of properly.

NEWS #2 - Area 167: plants between the houses and treated water

Brief translation:
One of the speeches were the redevelopment of 167 of Alliste. This suburb has experienced a situation of complete degradation that made it unbearablea septic tank was not working in the service of 12 apartmentsnot to mention theopen sewerclearly visiblesituated between two apartment buildingsNow all this is just a bad memory: the sewers were connected to a wetland plant that is a natural system of treatment much more effective than chemical and mechanical.We must move to Berlin to have more examplesand in Puglia is the first plantconstructed wetlands used in an urban context.

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