Wednesday, June 29, 2011

wetland of Sidvell school

here another special and fantastic project coupling treatment wetland and stormwater cleaning named "THE WETLAND MACHINE OF SIDWELL". By the site a complete report about this project. Read the following words and watch the photos: 

"Typically, wastewater is drained away via a complex network of tunnels that requires vast financial resources just for its maintenance, an infrastructure that's undoubtedly deteriorating just as fast as tax revenues get siphoned off away from public works budgets to General Motors and Bank of America. Miles and miles away from its point of origin, the water then gets treated in an energy intensive process. But it still isn't entirely clean afterwards. Thus, when discharged, it still poses a risk to bodies of water, contributing in many instances to elevated bacterial count and eutrophication."[cview]=linear#comments

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