Monday, July 13, 2015

Welcome to Bozcaada ... Turkey

Hello.... few months ago I was contacted by my friend Dr. Mark Nelson ( which told me: "David, a new project in Turkey, let's go".
Well, last week I went there, in the island of Bozcaada! Check the history on wiki/Tenedos or Bozcaada .

Which is the problem here? few years ago was built the city center pipeline to collect all the wastewater. Then was set up a septic tank and also the aerobic tank.... but never finished and still now the wastewater goes by a long pipe somewhere in the sea.

why not to build a wetland treatment? I was there to do it. Now I'm dsigning it and be sure that for the next Spring a great system will be operative there!

This is not the only island in the world that has this problem. How many do you visit? how many times you seen a big pipe direct into the sea? Well we can solve this problem with a wetland system.
Thank you Sibel for the local tour and hospitality.

the present situation

my friend Sibel shows the situation

local good wineyard

the castle give you the welacome when you arrive there.


Vitek Rous said...

Very interesting work. I'm looking forward for the final design of the treatment wetland. I wish I could also cooperate on such an interesting project. :)

Dave Toc PhD said...

hello, Vitek, nice to meet you. Thanks for the comment. please send me and e-mail. we can cooperate.

Vitek Rous said...

Hello David, my email is (our website I'll be very happy if I can help you with some of your projects, they are really interesting.

Sarah Jasson said...

This site is excellent and so is how the subject matter was explained. I also like some of the comments too. Waiting for the next post.
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