Tuesday, August 26, 2014

something about... just few thoughts

"< Hi, my specialty is to spread the use of natural systems for water purification, clarify and resolve your doubts on them, and also design systems worldwide. Thank you for join me on this blog! >" These are the opening words of presentation of my blog www.treatmentwetlands.blogspot.com. All that words are right and real: speciality, spread, natural system, worldwide, thank you. I did all of these words.
I started my business with the slogan "I want to learn," and I learned. I chased several trains to try to get the best for me to explore the themes of my interest. I've never had difficulty learning and perhaps this has led me to lose sight of one important aspect: money. The greens are important, you have to have so many, so why have mental freedom to devote your time to the things that really matter. It is certainly important work, eight, ten hours a day does not bring happiness, but are the actions you do during those hours that you can lead somewhere. During these hours and I've always thought about the good of others and did not earn. I falsely developed certain activities only for secondary interests that I drew from them. I have traveled, and all of these travels have taken me to a very internal growth, but not money. And now I declare that I want money, to do something, I have plans. If anyone is looking for me you need to know. I'm good in the initial stages of contact, send me to Iraq, Senegal, Gaza, Brazil, Algeria, Slovakia and where the hell you want, I go, I leave, I take information, I understand the things you need, share knowledge, I value strategies, I find the contacts that you serve. I do not want to write long documents, only simple report on the feasibility or otherwise of what you want to develop. But please remember that I do it with enthusiasm and just for the money. "You do not work for money?", Well, me too.
I have a large degree of autonomy even if I try a shoulder to share the steps. Sometimes I try a parallel track, to grow, to manage the process with enthusiasm and growth of business. I found this shoulder, one shoulder very strong, but the roads have not crossed over yet.
For almost fifteen years I dedicate myself to something that got me to where I am now. I tell you that I'm not fully satisfied, I am missing something. I have three wonderful children that bind me here where I am now, but my mind takes me elsewhere, always looking to develop some ideas. They are happy of my movements. Wacky ideas, ideas that are great. Only one, however, I have patented. Having it patented in a great way, in seven months from the idea to the patent, makes me believe that it is possible. It is possible to do things in a linear way, directly. I have built and tested the prototype and then we did it. And it works. This flywheel of enthusiasm, however, has not been used as I had to. My mind has always been conditioned by judgments, even positive ones I could see them as critical, and this made me go back. Downgrade from somewhere. Then up but without concluding anything great. I have to do it alone? maybe it's better? Is there anyone out there who can hear me? who listens to me? I need a new mindset, a straight channel.

Perhaps it is the context that is not for me. Maybe if I was somewhere else I would have done differently, that's for sure. I'm not here to pity myself, just to analyze the situation, I am here ready to accept a new way of doing, bring me the money.
Today I received an email from linkedin, and gave me this opportunity, "Be known for what you know - Strengthen your reputation by sharing your perspectives with your network.". I could sit here and write how good I am or how many plants I have designed, or how many languages I speak. But not, I shared my analysis and my thoughts. The next chapter I will write also because of you that you have understood these words of mine.

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