Wednesday, July 9, 2014

classic questions about treatment wetlands: work in cold climates?

If you work in treatment wetlands technology or if you are searching information about this green solution, you probably dealt with the question "work in cold climates?".

I know many treatment plants in cold regions all over the world but the following is one of the biggest, the newest, the well built: the Orhei treatment wetland plant in Moldova

Shortly copied from the web site I summarize here few informations.

Visit the web site for more pictures and info.

  • In operation since: 2013
  • Type of wastewater treated: Domestic
  • Type of wastewater (other): + food processing
  • Hydraulic load: 4600 m³/day
  • Organic load (PE): 21.666 PE
  • Organic design load (kg BOD/day): 1300
  • Location: Orhei
  • Client: PIU Moldovia - WorldBank
  • Stage 1 type: French system
  • Stage 1 surface area (m²): 18.000
  • Stage 2 type: Vertical flow, unsaturated
  • Stage 2 surface area (m²): 17.000


Vít Rous said...

Really nice CW, but I think the most interesting thing about this CW isn't that it's a "cold climate" application, because in Moldova there is not a severe climate. It's rather the same as in Czech Republic, where I'm form, or Germany, Austria etc, and there are plenty of system like this. But much more interesting is the size of the wetland, because in our country, lot of technician believe that it's not an appropriate technology for even 1000 PE..
But for the technology chosen, I would maybe prefer some type of anaerobic digestor as pretreatment instead of french system. There's a lot of energy potential in this number of PE, which could be used, and OaM is not so challenging.

Dave Toc PhD said...

Thank you Vit for your comment. You are right when you say that is not a really cold climate. Many times a lot of people ask me if is possible to build treatment wetlands in East Europe, Russia, Germany etc because they combine the plants life cycle within the needs to treat wastewater all day of the year. This was the sense of the post, give info about a big system in East-Europe.