Wednesday, October 2, 2013

restore an original reed area.....natural treatment wetlands

Yes, I know, for many of you common reed is a weed, for other is a tool to improve water quality. It is a weed and a good document The Nature Conservancy - common reed - ESA state this, and give you a lot of way to control his spreading. But it is also the best wetlands specie that you can use to plants  a constructed wetland's system.

As you see in the post below, during my last weekend I have planted 200 plants of  phragmites australis.... I'm sorry for the one that consider reed as a weed but I do that  to rewild an original reed area in the Lake of Garda in North of Italy.

This project was financed by the Municipality of Sirmione, a beautiful city in the Lake's shore with the aim to restore an original reed area destroyed by the construction of a small harbor.

It is not simple to plant species inside the lake because the water movement and the wave expecially during the winter storms can move the new plants planted.
Here I show you some pictures of the work:


strongmen at work....

how to anchor the plants to the lakebed

under the water....

a small stone help me to anchor it...

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