Wednesday, September 18, 2013

treatment wetland with surface flow

Yeahhhh, after almost 13 years I can show you my first surflace flow constructed wetland. This project was designed early 2000 when I was working in the Brentella Water Management District here in North-East of Italy. The project was so innovative in that time and aimed to realize a water treatment system inside a storage basin to reduce the hydraulic risk in the watershed.

As you know there are 4 treatment wetland's system: horizontal, vertical, floating and surface.
The surface flow systems are so difficult to be build here in Italy because they require a lot of surface, etc... but anyway we can realize it when is possible. The final result is so natural !

After a long time need to get the law authorization in 2013 they start to dig the basin and next month this project will be completed and planted with an high number ow wetland and trees species with the reason to increase also the local biodiversity.

take a look at the design and at some pictures I got this morning:

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