Monday, April 1, 2013

constructed wetland in Iraq - my survey and my project

Well, after a week of survey, workshops and good local meals, I can show you some pictures about my activity there.
Yes Iraq can be considered a dangerous place, but I've met nice people, visited some very beautiful places and laid the foundation for a fruitful collaboration. Good luck to all of you in this journey of renewal.
I'll prepare a special post about the wastewatergardens technology and his team which gave me the opportunity to be an active part of this work. Thanks also to Meridel Rubistein to involve me in this international project!
I have visited four sites between the district of Nassirja and Basra. Two will be made to serve a local Shrine, one is for a private house and the last one is to serve the west part of the city of Chibaish. All sites are suitable.
Is not easy to start to work in a place where none know your technology, where you have to start from the base line of the functioning, where the climate is not your home weather, where you have to check all tha materials, where you have to found a local builders... etc. But is possible! and I'll explain what I have did.

First of all we have organized a good workshop with local people, members of the local municipality, Ministery of Water Resource and Environment, and anybody want to attend and learn more. Second we have visited the sites with the owners. Third we have contacted a local builders to discuss all about the materials and the construction steps. Fourth we have check the availability of the local species that can be used.
25 person attend at the three days of workshop. Thank to all of you!

site n. 1, the local men toilet discharge in the septic tank.... but we need also a beautiful wetland system! 

site n. 3: these men toilets need to go to the septic tank...which in a couple of months will done! 
YEAHHH also there there is washed gravel

checking the availability of pvc pipes, diameters ets...
discuss with a local gardener about the management of the plants

checking in a "mobile nursery" the price of the plants !!!!

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