Thursday, August 23, 2012


The Floating treatment System allow the wastewater treatment at water level. The wastewaters are usually treated away from the points of origin. The “on water treatment” needs specific floating elements that are vegetated with different species able to extend their roots systems in the water column.
The action of the roots is double: physical filtering of the waters and nutrients uptake. This system is easy to install and to manage during the time.
Usually the floating wetlands can tolerate high water level fluctuations typical of rivers, lakes, canals, etc.
Floating wetlands have also a beautiful aesthetic aspect!
The examples worldwide give a lot of differents ways for realize a floating wetlands. Here below few examples.

image from floating island south east  www.floatingislandse,com

floating islands louisiana

Paine Lake - New Rochelle, N.Y.As recommended by WAC 5
11th International Conference on Wetland Systems for Water Pollution Control - Floating Treatment Wetlands: an Innovative Option for Stormwater Quality Applications T. R. Headley, C.C. Tanner

Italian tech-ia system floating wetland. underwater roots development

Italian techia system. roots developmemt 

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