Monday, June 11, 2012

43000 m3/d in 240Ha ... is this a treatment wetlands?

YES, is a treatment wetlands... wow!!! fantastic!!! 43000 cubic meter a day in 240 hectares.. is this the biggest treatment wetlands in the world?  As wrote in the article "REPORT FROM THE MIDDLE EAST REGION: LARGE-SCALE TREATMENT OF OILFIELD PRODUCED WATER USING WETLANDS IN OMAN" by Dr. Tom Headley and Dr. Roman Breuer published in IWA Specialist Group on Use of Macrophytes in Water Pollution Control: Newsletter No. 39, various full and pilot-scale treatment wetland projects have been realised in recent years for treatment of sewage and sludges in Oman, Qatar, the UAE and Jordan. Wetlands are also playing an important role in treating industrial wastewaters on a large scale, such as the 600 ha wetland+pond system  that was designed and built for treating residual water from an oil field in Oman.
They recover oil, they save energy for water treatment with traditional systems, they create new environment in arid climate zone, they save below ground aquifer...

They also win the "2011 water global awards"

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