Monday, April 2, 2012

cold climate treatment wetlands.... need info for Finland development

Hello Wetlanders..... would you help someone in his research on wetland systems? This is a message from Finland, my friend is searching info about treatment wetlands in cold climates. Below his message, could you help him on his search? Thanks a lot in advance! 
Contact him directly at:

I would like to thank the opportunity to Davide Tocchetto for offering the possibility to post a brief inquiry on his blog.

I write my thesis about horizontal subsurface and surface flow constructed treatment wetlands feasibility in Finland. I concentrate my research finding similar methods and conditions (cold, boreal climates) around the world so I would have a great access of variety works which I could use in my thesis as literature reference methods which would prove the successful feasibility of such methods in cold climate.
I am looking for studies, projects which I could read and hopefully would help my work. I am mostly interested in methods which were carried out under cold climate.

Thank you very much!

Gabor Horvath

The following picture show an example on where Gabor would develop treatment wetlands...

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