Wednesday, February 1, 2012

thanks for the last January: treatment wetland record!

Hi wetlanders, new statistic record in the last month (January 2012): 683 pages views, more than 7400 views in the last twelve months. A lot of followers from more than 100 world countries USA, Canada, Indonesia, India, Australia, Russian Federation, but also from Barbados, Mexico, Qatar, Pakistan, Marocco, Japan and more.

Thanks a lot for visiting this blog, thanks a lot for contacting me. Last January friends from Malaysia, India, Oregon, Argentina and Mexico have contacted me for some questions about treatment wetlands and their applications for leachate purification, as natural site, as traditional vertical treatment bed, and the best question on how to become a wetland designer!

Stay tuned, news will arrive on how to design a bed and something more on floating wetland systems.

thanks for enjoy this site!  

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