Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Alpine Hut "Casera Bosconero" treatment wetlands

Well, at 1498 m above sea level in the beautiful italian Dolomites (now as UNESCO World Heritage)  there is the Casera Bosconero alpine hut. This is locate in Forno di Zoldo municipality and from 2005 is active a treatment wetland. This is part of the project ENERGIANOVA set up by the IMAGE department of Padova University.
Here we build up two horizontal beds, sealed with a double line of bentonite, filled with local gravel, and planted with local mountain species. The beds receive 1 mc/day originated by the maximun 30 persons that can sleep in the hut.
the two beds in 2007
flowering of   senecio cordatum's  plants in 2010
development of the senecio's plants in 2011 Summer
me with an international wetland conference delegation visiting the site.

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