Wednesday, January 14, 2009

my last Africa

Treatment wetlands, yes we can implement these systems. I'm back now from Algeria where many towns and villages haven't any treatment solutions, where city with 200,000 habitants discharge wastewaters and solids directly in oasis or shallow desert lands without any basic pre-treatment like sedimentation. Don't believe...see the photo below!

A report of my visit is here: Treatment wetlands are the right way also in Africa: costless, easy maintenance, reuse of treated waters in desert land for different purposes. In Algeria there is only one wetlands made by WWG international team (

(this is not liquid shit!) [sorry for the bad word]


Magdalena said...

That is very interesting what you wrote about. That's what I have in my mind for sometime - treatment wetlands in Africa. While searching for some infos about it I've found your blog.
Unfortunately I'm not able to read your report, do you have it in English version? :)
Best regards,
Magdalena. said...

Hallo Magdalena, sorry for the late answer; I haven't an english version of this journal paper. In the next october days my partner will be back in Algeria to enhance the first contact got in January. Here we start a collaboration to set up 4 treatment wetlands in 4 isolate cities and villages. Please if you need more infos or photos of the local rural situation, feel free to contact me at Best regards and thanks a lot for your interest. Davide